Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Wish I Were Her Stylist.

... So bad. I would love to dress her up in the cutest outfits!

Taylor Momsen's a super cute girl, but it baffles me the way she dresses and presents herself. As mentioned before in the media, the Courtney Love-look is not something young Taylor should take into consideration when dressing herself in the morning. I cannot stop picturing how amazingly gorgeous she would look if she stayed away from that heavy eye make-up, bed-hair and fish net stockings.

She recently attended the Whitney Museum Gala in New York City and I'm pleased to say that she looked glamourous... for the most part. She had everything going for her with her long wavy locks,  Valentino accessories, patent shoes but the dress was especially super, super gorgeous. I hope she keeps it up! She most definately could have stayed away from the black eye make-up (as per usual) and those hideous fish-net stockings. In my eyes, fish-nets are never okay - totally gives off the hooker vibe, ew. So please Taylor,  I want to see more of this!

The Valentino bracelets are the perfect touch.

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