Thursday, October 15, 2009

OMG, She Has Style.

This girl definately has the most envious wardrobe EVER. Christine Centenera is the fashion director for Australian Harper's Bazaar, is a stylist with clients such as the ever-so-gorgeous Lara Bingle under her belt and also DJ's with Pip Edwards under the name Chicks On Decks on occasion. She has one of the most amazing tastes in fashion that I have seen for awhile. Everything she wears is just so fashion-forward, chic and definately makes me jealous inside. Ahaha.
Take a peek, you'll be envious too!

My goodness I'm in love with her style.


caitlin said...

don't you think though, that lara bingle looks like a blonder version of Christine now? Just noting the hair and the blazers, which admittedly are in trend now... I love them both anyway haha, i guess that happens when you have a stylist (eg. nicole richie when she was with rachel zoe)

Rich Girls. said...

I totally agree. Thankfully it's rather amazing fashion they wear most days!