Thursday, January 12, 2012

In The Moment.

I think that this is the prettiest outfit I've ever seen.


Sunniva said...

This is the most wonderful outfit I've seen in ages. I am in love with the jumper and how it shows off the back. The skirt brings a modern ballerina look to it. And what she has done with the necklace is genius! xoxo

Maria V said...

The cutest, indeed!

Enjoyed your blog, tasteful.

Cheers from Sydney,

Anonymous said...

so which i could wear something like this!!! i am really good thanks, new year... more blogging, i really want to focus on it this year. really want some more followers!! xxxx

fotograf ślubny said...

indeed, it really lovely one!

Lula said...

Very cute!

Joelyne TheSydneyGirl said...

So pretty and unique!

The Sydney Girl

Steevy said...

i love LOVE this. so pretty. and beautifully captured.