Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wildfox | Pony Tale.

Wildfox White Label | SS 2012 | Pony Tale

"Once upon a time, on opposite sides of the world, two little blonde girls grew up believing in unicorns and mermaids."

This collection is a dream-coming-to-life tale of the girl's childhood fantasies,
a grown up fairy tale decked with pastels, sparkles, mini dresses and 80's nostalgia. 
Where My Little Pony, Care Bears and Rainbow Bright are brought to life, 
adorned with pastel hair, dreamy knits, creamy lace, fringe, dungarees.

Model: Amanda Booth
Photography: the incredibly talented, Kimberley Gordon
Styling: Emily Faulstich + Kimberley Gordon

I  L O V E  the inspiration behind this collection.
I'm pretty smitten by the floral knit dress in the first, last + 2nd last shot.


.sabo skirt. said...

All dresses and outfits are so much impressing!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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Elle said...

this is mind blowing beautiful!
never have I wanted casual, pastel,
free flowing clothes so bad!

thank you for posting this collection!

elle xo

Elle said...

this is made my jaw drop! so insanely
beautiful. never have I wanted casual,
pastel, free flowing clothes so badly!

thanks for posting this collection!
you have a great eye.

elle xo

Elle said...

oh and i NEED those flesh coloured shorts + did you see
the pastel blue knit with the antlers? yep, i'm getting that too!