Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Year!

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your amazing support over the year 
and especially to those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning. 
I'm always completely overwhelmed and flattered by the love I receive.
I'm hoping explore some new exciting ideas and to dedicate more time to Rich Girls this year.
I hope that you all have the most adventurous 2012 and most of all, I can't wait to be filled with inspiration from your gorgeous blogs!

- Carolyn. x.

Source: studdedhearts.


Remington said...

love the post. xx


Chloe said...

Devine little slumber outfit. Wouldn't you just love to frolic around in something like this taken perfect photo's of your self in perfect sunlight.

We can only dream, can't we :)



Anne said...

thank you for your comment! i wish you all the best this year, you're the sweetest! Xx

Camille said...

great blog and picts! :)


Sunniva said...

Happy New Year, sweetie! Thank you so much for all your support and kind words in 2011. I am so happy to have discovered Rich Girls - one of my favourite blogs! Will be sending you that e-mail soon, lovely xoxo