Monday, December 2, 2013

Erin Wasson For Elle AUS.


Erin Wasson for ELLE Australia December 2013.

When we think of Erin Wasson, we immediately think of her ultimate cool status and her mind-blowing effortless style.
ELLE describes the model turned actress, turned jewellery designer, turned stylist and gallerist as "Fashion's Wild Child".
Her natural tomboy style is unforgivingly transferred into her work as a model, as she oozes confidence in everything she wears - a pair of boyfriend
jeans and a loose tee or a skin-baring dress that shows off her tattooed limbs. It is incredibly hard to believe that she doesn't maintain her
style one bit, that she is just simply being herself. Oh, to look that good without trying!

Furthermore, the feature talks deeper about Erin's down to earth personality, her jewellery collection, including a bunch from her label LowLuv,
her love for rescuing dogs, her tomboy upbringing in Dallas, Texas
and how after work every day she goes home to be with her dogs instead of heading out.
Elle also tells you how you can be Ms Wasson by stealing her style this summer.
She lists her "All-time Wardrobe Must-Haves" as a black pair of jeans, black leather trousers, a white t-shirt,
a folky button-down, cowboy boots, a black sweater and a really good fucked-up vintage fur jacket.
Whereas mine right this second would be that $11,750 Chanel perfume bottle clutch she is holding up above!
Grab yourself a copy to read now!


emmmilllliaaa said...

What font is your header written in? It's gorge, and you're beautiful :)

rich girls. said...

thank you, lovely! that's so sweet of you to say. i actually can't remember the name of my font, but if you go to there is a whole huge selection of a number of fonts and styles. big love, x.

Jenaly Enns said...

I love her, she is so hot and I love her style!!