Monday, December 30, 2013

And While We Were Here...

"And While We Were Here"

A film by Kat Coiro, featuring my number one girl, Kate Bosworth and her co-star, Jamie Blackley.

It follows Jane, an American writer, on her adventures through the island of Ischia, off the Almafi Coast. 
It tells the tale of broken love, forbidden passion and self-discovery.
While on a business trip with her husband, Jane stumbles into a romantic affair with a younger man, Caleb - who makes her feel 
youthful and alive again, which in-turn ignites her professional dreams and pushes her to re-evaluate her personal life.

It's not your average pop culture film, which makes me appreciate it more. 
You can take many messages with you throughout the film, it's all down to self-interpretation. 
Through Jane's grandmother's WWII stories, the troubling love behind Jane's marriage or her new
found lust and youthfulness in her dalliance with Caleb.
In (senior) high school my English teacher's would mostly critique my film-based essay's rather poorly, 
stating that I may have missed the message, the message that most of the class reported on. I always 
believed that my interpretation was completely justified. In my eyes, no view is the incorrect view. 
We all receive a different message or feel different emotions from film. It's up to you what you take from it.

I'm still trying to figure out whether Kate styled herself in this film, but all signs are pointing to 'YES'.
Her wardrobe was perfection and I want in on all of it!

*EDIT: After speaking with Kat Coiro, it is confirmed that both Kate and Kat styled 
Jane's wardrobe in the movie, using many of Kate's own personal pieces.

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