Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I'm loving the Khloe that we are seeing at the moment.
My favourite Kardashian sister has been seen in some lustworthy outfits of late, ones that have me 
wishing I had a hold of. She has incorporated a lot of white into her wardrobe, which I am obsessing over. 
The skin tight white dress with the tulip bottom is my all-time fave (the whole look is just phemominal, 
that's why I had to repeat it above 4 or so times) aswell as the crop that we have seen Kim in, paired 
with a white super tight pencil skirt and Stella McCartney jacket. And thirdly her white denim + 
knit combo for that more effortless casual look. 
While I love the Kardashians dressed head to toe glam, I really like seeing their "off duty" looks just as much.
Lastly, I didn't want to make comment, but her body is the best it's ever been!
W O W Z A 

Who takes the cake as your favourite Kardashian?

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substance for Belle. said...

She's the only Kardashian that I would watch and love! Team khlo! Love her and she looks bangin! What a cutie :)