Wednesday, February 19, 2014


So yes, Valentine's Day has been and gone. 
But from one (unattached) girl to another, Happy Valentine's Day!

The creative team at MOI SELF have come up with a creative and fun way of extending a sweet token of
appreciation for any event in their best girlfriends' lives; he broke up with her via text, he dumped her for his
ex, he forgot their anniversary (again), he told her 'it's not you, it's me' or she's feeling lonely and sorry for herself.
A 'Helpful Hanky' is just what your friend may need to keep up her sleeve when in
need when that shoulder to cry on is unavailable.
Some of the messages include, "thinking of you sweetie", "it's not goodbye, it's au revoir",
"he's not that hot anyway" and my favourite "go and buy some shoes".

So, to me, from me for Valentine's day, "fix your mascara, (you're amazing)" girl!

A hanky costs a small $12.95 and is available at now.
They are 100% cotton and can be personalised by writing your own message on the card back.

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