Monday, October 26, 2015

Blogger Style | Kristen Sundberg.

Sweden produces the most amazing / blessed / stylish people on the planet. 

Blogger Kristin Sundberg being one of them - Even her apartment is perfectly styled.
I am completely obsessing over that white lace-up sweater in the last image 100%. All of her 
lace-up numbers for that matter! This is the one trend that I am all over right now and can't get 
enough of. So much so that I ordered two tops online the other night and am anticipating their 
arrival like it were Christmas.

I love that her posts are so real and insightful and not a recurrent "blogger" outfit post with no real depth.
You can find her on instagram @kristinsundberg.


1 comment:

Su nd Chris said...

Absolutely love her style, too! Totally agree, the most stylish people come from Sweden :)

xx Su