Monday, October 26, 2015

Lara Worthington x Harper's Bazaar.

I have been obsessed with this editorial for Harper's Bazaar since it came out last week.
I have always loved Lara and been a big fan of her style and beauty. But, I love just as much that 
Harper's Bazaar Australia chose to highlight Lara's transition from 'Aussie beach babe' (and the many 
negative perceptions of her) to a more important and fulfilling representation of a wife, a new mother 
and savvy business woman in an editorial spread titled 'The Emancipation of Lara'.

The article is definitely worth a read if you haven't already picked up a copy - There is also a 
cheeky mention about Mr & Mrs Worthington's secret Melbourne wedding in there also.
What grabbed me the most, and instantaneously, was the photography by Russell James (of Victoria's 
Secret fame). Every single shot is beautiful and the location a complete complimentary component.

I honestly need the shot of LW in the field of flowers framed on my wall ASAP.

(PS. Sorry about all of the coffee cups in the shots - I got a little bit carried away).


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