Monday, October 26, 2015

New In | Alpha H Skincare.

I have been meaning to get into a proper skincare routine for the longest time. I mean, one that 
doesn't just involve a cleanser in the shower, a mask every now and then and a moisturiser morning 
and night. I have also been looking at Alpha H products for awhile, having heard of great reviews of 
their products, especially their "holy grail" toner, Liquid Gold, and decided to bite the bullet and give it 
a go. My only reservation was that most products contain strong formulas suited for mature aged skin, 
sun damaged (yep, sadly that's me), prematurely ageing, acne scarred skin and I didn't want my skin 
to go through any sort of trauma from a drastic change in skincare. But I couldn't hold of any longer 
once I discovered that a personally hand-picked Alpha H sample kit (of 5 products) was available 
and ordered last week.

To kick start my new regime I chose:

  I have used this one and I love the feel of my skin afterwards. I feel fresh and my skin actually 
looks smoother. 

   I have been looking for a new serum since my last one ran out. This goes on quite shiny but 
absorbs into the skin after only a few minutes which I like. There's nothing that freaks me out
 over my skin than a shiny appearance. I have only used it once or twice so I'm yet to see the 
full effects.

  I have been quite hesitant to use this seeing as there is so much hype around it. Although I have 
used it once and thought it was good, but not long enough to see results. It does leave a slight 
tingling feeling on the skin at first, which I suppose it means it's doing the work.

  I'm a fan of this moisturiser so far, although it's probably a little thick for my liking. It has an 
SPF of 30+ which I like most as I feel protected against the UV rays and hydrated at the same 
time. Plus,  my makeup seems to sit really nicely on top, it lasts a bit longer and gives a slight 
dewy effect. 

  I used this for the first time tonight as I usually try to do a face mask every Sunday night. It's 
not a thick white mask like most out there - it does go on white but absorbs into the skin. So 
far my skin doesn't feel too different but we will see with time. 

Overall I am just hoping for a little extra help with my skin and hoping to see a more supple, dewy, radiant 
complexion when I look in the mirror. 

If you have tried any of these products or others from the range, let me know your thoughts.


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