Monday, April 18, 2011

Kate And Alex At Coachella.

Kate is the cutest thing in the whole world.
Even cuter: Alex and Kate.

I look forward to peeping on this adorably fashionable couple every year at Coachella.
The most exciting part is seeing Kate's inspirationally impressive outfit choices.
One day I'll just have to make it down to Indio California to see their cute little selves in the flesh.
Dream. Come. True.

Ps. I find it superrr cute how she's got her finger hooked onto his loophole.

Source: tlfan.


Anonymous said...

♥nice post.)) love your blog♥

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

i love kate. she's beautiful and has great style...sigh!

Emily said...

Ahh Kate, she is just too perfect. Her Coachella outfits are always so amazing!

thisiswhatidwear said...

GORGEOUS! She has such a killer body. Love her outfit


liv said...

Lovvvve her coachella looks!
Though she always looks totally amazing!

Liv <3

Anne said...

they're both gorgeous. you're so right about the loophole-thing, i find that so cute!!


SC said...

Wish I had a boyfriend like that (had one, but I let him slip through my fingers)

.. arg.

Sid said...

i love her outfits, shes so chic

caits said...

she is freaking amazing. but then again so is he. killer combo

Riikka said...

i love her outfit :)