Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sophie Monk At The Cleo Bachelor Awards.

I'm really curious to hear all of your thoughts on Sophie Monk.
To be honest, I think the best she's ever looked is here at the Cleo Bachelor of the Year award.


Source: tlfan.


Sarah said...

Agreed! Still a little pouty, but her lips have not looked this great for years! x Sarah

Gabrielle said...

She looks gorgeous! Lips a bit injected though! xx

Kate said...

I love her and she looks amazing apart from the size of her lips!!! She needs to lay off the collagen! xx

Jenny said...

The lips are a bit much. Other than that shes pretty hot.

O H S O G O S S A M E R said...

I agree, she hasn't looked this good in a long time! The lips are a little scary but better than what they have looked!


Nadine Flatt said...

I like her eyes but she looks too fake but she's still beautiful!

Fashion By He said...

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caits said...

yeah she is hot, i always wonder if she can act outside of a bikini though?

also re your comment. yes kanye west is beyond amazing. i actually have a sick obsession with him haha. this is my favourite kanye performance -
but he absolutely killed it at coachella. he is coming to australia for splendour on the grass in july but its in qld and $500 a pop for tickets.
.. man i need to win lotto for that alone.

Lee Oliveira said...

She does look gorgeous. Although I have to agree with everyone here. Lips a bit OTT. I have briefly meet her and she is a really down to earth girl.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

She's such a gorgeous girl! One of my best friends know her and I heard that she's such a sweet, friendly girl! xoxoxoo

Anonymous said...

♥ So nice post.)) I love your blog♥

hannah said...

hmmmmmmm who is she? hahah

thanks for checking out thefashionhash! i adore your blog. following!


k. said...

She gets no love from me. tacky tacky.
I went to this event though and it was crazy. loved it.

thisiswhatidwear said...

She makes me sad!! I think she was most beautiful way back in her Bardot days.. Before she got overly skinny and experimented with all kinds of surgery. I think it's so sad someone so young and beautiful felt they had to go through such an unnatural change.
-rant over- :)