Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jess Hart NYFW.

Jess Hart snapped while walking the streets of New York during Fashion Week.

The only thing I'd change is probably the shoes. Although, she pulls them off really well.
Love seeing her in these Isabel Marant sequined pants once again and that Balmain goat fur, wow - the elbow detail is stunning.

Take a closer peek at Candace Lake's street style blog here.

Source: studdedhearts/fashionologie.


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

before i'd even read your words, i raised my eyebrows over the shoes too! she certainly can pull them off, but imagine those peeping out front row during a designer parade, not too chic! xx

Sunniva said...

This is such a brilliant outfit (especially the IM sequin pants!), but I agree about the shoes. I'd go with a pair of killer heels or gorgeous black ankle boots. But Jess Hart is so cute that she gets away with it xoxo

le pearl said...

fuck yes!!! A dream outfit

Anonymous said...

I love Jess Hart but you're right - she lost me at the shoes too.