Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Modern Utopian.

"The Modern Utopian"

Dree Hemingway has taken over Abbey Lee's spot as muse and leading lady
in cult jewellery label, Mania Mania's latest breathtaking campaign.

This is the epitome of 'ethereal beauty'.
PS. I love Dree.

Source: oystermag + maniamaniafacebook.


Десислава Валентинова said...

cool post with really inspiring pictures :))


Elin Kling said...

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G pictures!

Nina Richards. thirteen little loves. said...

Love these images!
So dreamlike and creepily eery. Perfect Mania Mania.
And Dree looks amaze like always.
Think this requires a re-post.
♥ ♥

caits said...

i love mania mania jewellery - it is for sure on my 'if i win the lottery' list or another reason why i cannot save money.

LaraBeTheOne said...

Gorgeous photography :)so beautiful

le pearl said...

I love ManiaMania's raw beauty shoots. They're always so sexy and I feel they do delve into the psyche of the consumer. Thanks for sharing x

Rea said...

that's the absolut perfection!