Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stylestalker | Come As You Are.

'Come As You Are'

I know you'll see these posted everywhere, so I just shared my fave shots.
The lastest collection is now available online here.

Source: stylestalker.


That Girl Lucy said...

he could wear that same celine print not just every show but every day and I'd still love it haha. yeezy, the man. and I know I Know I had to resist from blogging one or ten of these shots myself! Kim Gordon's styling of the collection is epic, hot hot hot x

Sara Inga Catrin said...

Looks amazing, x S.

Rai Tsolaridou said...

I think I love every piece! Those shoots are brilliant!

FashionStarvedTeen said...

Loving this!!

lucille said...

luving thip post. i might reblog it :)