Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Australia's Next Top Model | Week Five.

Australia's Next Top Model - week five photoshoot.

This week was makeover week, with the girls undergoing exciting transformations to ensure that they 
had a 'model' look and one that would get them booked. Makeover week is always a fun week, as there are always tears and tantrums
 and exciting new hair do's, although I didn't find this season to be as severe as other years. 
Most of the girls hair I would have kept the same (Abbie, Dajana and Taylah).

In the photoshoot the girls were to channel a "Calvin Klein campaign", embodying a fresh, striped back, simple look.
Melissa, again, took out the 'photo of the week' with her killer shot.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow night's episode, I really hope Taylah doesn't get disqualified after all of the silly commotion. 

Who was your fave this week?

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