Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abbey Lee, More Than A Pretty Face.

Abbey Lee Kershaw in the March issue of the Sunday Magazine.
It was such a lovely and refreshing article.

Every time I see her, I still find it so bizarre that her and I went to high school together for five years, because to me she was always Abbey. Abbey Kershaw. 
The really tall, pretty, tomboy who was incredibly smart and who had the time for anyone.

I had to laugh when I read this part in the article where she admitted that as a child 
she would pretend that she was a mermaid in the bath and lock the door so that no one could see her tail.
"I think that's why I'm so good at what I do - I find it very easy to pretend to be part of a world I'm not actually in". 

Source: chicmanagement+frockwriter.


lula said...

Abbey Lee is one of my favorite models, gotta read the article :)

le pearl said...

ahaha you used to know her? How lovely! It is always good to know that huge models like her didn't grow up in very disclosed private homes and schools and instead spent time playing in the school yard just like you and me. Sometimes I forget that they are just human afterall haha. x

Francesca said...

wow can't believe you guys went to the same school! that's insane. i didn't even realise she was from australia as well. how shameful of me haha. aussie pride :D xx

Style Blvd said...

My fave