Saturday, March 12, 2011

Style By Elin Kling.

If by some miracle, we could morph into any one person in this whole world, I'd choose her.
Or if luck was on my side, a half-Elin Kling, half-Kate Bosworth 'me' would be ideal.
She has everything I'd ever want - the style, the drive, the looks, the career...
But, I guess while we're on that winning streak, we'd maybe add Swedish model Marcus Hedbrandh into the equation. 

Elin has just started her very own fashion magazine titled Style By.
The amazing Swedish blogger, Columbine Smile joins her as Fashion Editor.

Source: stylebykling.

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thisiswhatidwear said...

haha I had to google Marcus Hedbrandh and oh my god he is incredible!! That would be perfect .. Looking like a little bit of kling and Bosworth and then having Marcus on the side :D

I cannot believe she is starting her own magazine - That's just insane, but so amazing! I'm thinking this would have to be the first blogger to transform their blog into a magazine.. SO lucky!