Wednesday, March 30, 2011


'Wanderlust' featuring the ever-so-stunning Zippora Seven.
Video by Trevor King for Foam Magazine.
My fave is of Zippy sitting all cutesy like a little pixie on that huge rock.

Take a look at the lustful video at Studded Hearts.
And to check out the original shots from the shoot go to Fashion Gone Rogue.
All screen-caps by myself.


Indiana Munn said...

Hi, thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog Indigo. I love this Zippora Seven photo shoot, she has such an interesting look and captivates you in every photo.

Maria said...

Lovely blog & beautiful pictures.

Noortje said...

loving these pictures and your blog! <3
this post is just amazing

Grace said...

This post is stunning, and your blog is super! : ) xxx

Anonymous said...

Great blog and lovely pictures in this post! :)