Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elle's Street Style.

Okay, so I'd just like to share with you two of my loves at the moment.
Firstly, Elle's incredible style from fashion blog They All Hate Us.
And secondly, the wonderful Australian street style blog We The People.

I don't think Elle could ever disappoint in the fashion stakes.
This definately going to be a look that I'm going to work with this autumn.

Source: wethepeople,iletaitunefois,theyallhateus.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such a beautiful and casual style that I love! And her blog is one of my favorites! I didn't know about the Australian blog so thank you for posting it! And your sweet comments made my day :-) xoxoxoxoo

TOPCOAT said...

she has such a good look, and she's so stunning in this photo.. + i love 'we the people' blog! xx

Vicki said...

L.O.V.E ! and thanks for your comment! What do you think about followinig each other?

It blog girls said...

Wow this picture is stunning, you have an excellent blog with stunning pictures, so inspirational

melissa said...

answer: thank you!! :)

Maria said...

loved it! thanks for sharing :)

Sarah- The Style Encyclopaedia said...

They All Hate Us are a daily habit of mine - they both have such great style.

x Sarah

Emily said...

Agreed! I saw her out and about today and she is stunninggg

Abby said...

Love this :)