Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dripped In Chains.

Jewelley by Samantha Wills.

I have a huge fascination with chained jewellery exactly like this.
It's just so glamourous and makes me dream of the many ways I'd wear them and what with.
I need the first shoulder draped chains in my life riiight now.

Source: loversinvain.


Anonymous said...

Love these photographs.
Thanks so much for following and for your comment xx

Elisabeth Isabelle said...

STUNNING photos of abbey!!

lauren carney said...

Oh golly, you're blog is swell!
it's so colourful and sweet - like a little frosted cupcake!
I feel rather inspired from the photos!
Thanks for sharing!
ex oh ex oh

Reg Rodriguez said...

abbey is so stunning! wow at these photos, love the concept!


Reg Rodriguez said...

she's so stunning! i love the styling of these photos, so eye-catching and fresh :)


Oh.Kate. said...

So I'm in love with your blog...

Rich Girls. said...

thank you everyone so much! x.

* the model for samantha wills couture collection is annabella barber from priscilla's, not abbey, despite the slight resemblance.

Froso M. said...

I really love the first one!

Have a great week!
Froso from Style Nirvana.

thisiswhatidwear said...

The jewellery is incredible! You SHOULD really just do the Kate Bosworth cut when you're next at the hairdresses! I did it 2 weeks ago and cannot stop smiling about my new do :) It's such a fresh style and just looks classy no matter what you wear!



thisiswhatidwear said...

p.s Following you! Love all of the images you share xx

3ate4 said...

These are lovely, especially the first one.