Sunday, May 8, 2011

E L L E R Y | RAFW | Day Four.


My Ellery heart has grown even bigger. 
This show absolutely blew me away. Every aspect was just so perfectly spot on. 
The insanely creative designs by Kym Ellery, the models walking in pairs, 
the colour palette from baby pink, to frosted blue, to silver sparkles, to cream, to shimmery gold, to black and white and that bright pop of citrus lime. 
Her show was definately not short of surprises.
 Even the introduction of her first ever menswear seemed like the perfect addition to her already flourishing show.

I love that Lara Bingle and Teresa Palmer are such big supporters.

The first, second and third looks are my absolute faves.
But, puh-puh-pretty please can I be greedy and have everything above?



Mate said...

Oh man, I looove the third picture. :> You have really nice blog. :)

giana said...

what a beautiful collection, love it all!!


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il était une fois... said...

ellery is my faaav!! <3