Monday, May 16, 2011

Erika Heynatz.

Erika Heynatz wows in a red lace mini Marnie Skillings dress
at the Instyle and Audi Women of Style Awards.

She always looks so amazing.

Does her dress remind you a little bit of Lover's bold red lace dress seen at fashion week?

Source: sassisamblog.


Sarah said...

Those legs go on for miles dont they? I wonder how she got out of the car?? It puts the tiny, into teenytiny I think!

x Sarah

Rich Girls. said...

i know, right. i thought about that too. and wondered if the dress covered her bottom enough. risky dress, but trust her to pull it off so effortlessly. x.

k. said...

That dress looks amazing on her. the colour is insane. I want her legs!!


Nicola said...

god she's a babe

Emily said...

She looks amazing, such a great colour!

il était une fois... said...

omg she looks in-fucking-sane! wow!