Friday, May 20, 2011

Miranda Kerr.

Does this prove to everyone that's ever said she's not 'beautiful', how wrong they really are?

Source: koraorganicsblog.


N AT A S H A said...

Yes, she looks good here. I still don't find her beautiful. One must remember these images would be edited and she's wearing make-up. Ever seen her without it? She looks pretty average to me, I've seen better looking girls on the streets of Melbourne.

Aside from that, enjoy your blog. x

Anonymous said...

you guys who says shes a great sort, you should agree she got funny nose, and when i say funny i mean ugly :-/

Miranda Kerr Fan said...

I love this photo of her! How can anyone not think she is beautiful? I've seen photos of her without makeup and I still think she'd put a lot of girls to shame.