Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding.

William and Kate's Royal Wedding was the cutest thing I've ever witnessed.
Everything was so perfect.

Kate's Alexander McQueen gown.
The boys all looking so handsome dressed like toy soldiers.
Prince William's cutesy smirks toward Kate during the ceremony.
The official wedding photographs shot by Hugo Burnand.
Pippa's perfectly-fitted Alexander McQueen maid of honour gown.

Okay, so now I want a royal wedding, with the perfect man and moi in the most gorgeous gown.

Source: aceshowbiz+ninemsn.


Emily said...

Thanks for the lovely comment my dear!
LOVED the wedding, everything was absolutely perfect. I was holding back tears for almost the whole thing! Another fave is the bored little flower girl haha

Strawberry Freckleface said...

I didn't get a chance to watch the wedding but whoa, had no clue how bald he is! Poor guy.

strawberry freckleface

Unfinished Impressions said...

i want a royal wedding too! and i don't even like all that crown and royal things, but this wedding was so precious that turned me into a little kid wanting to be a princess!

chow (heart+bleecker) said...

how perfect was kate's dress? amazing. and i have to admit, i may have a little crush on harry xx