Sunday, May 22, 2011

Russian Rapunzel.

There was a really sad story in Saturday's Herald Sun on Russian model, Ruslana Korshunova.
She was beautiful. Nicknamed Russian Rapunzel because of her incredibly long hair.
Her death in 2008, 3 days before her 21st birthday is still as big of a mystery today as it was two years ago.

It was reported that she threw herself from the ninth floor of her Manhattan apartment, 
leaving no note and many questions marks behind.
There are many conspiracy theories surrounding her death, including murder and the Russian mafia,
yet the true details of this sad event will unfortunately never be known.

I had read a quote earlier today that said, "Even the ones that you think are happy have insecurities".
We just really have no idea.

Did anyone else read the story or is familiar with it?

Source: google.


lula said...

I read about her some time ago. So sad. The reason of her death is a big mystery, but just like you said, we have no idea what even the closest person to us are going trough in their minds.

Anne said...

this is so sad!

Kate said...

You wonder what would cause such a young and beautiful girl with everything ahead of her to do that...very sad.