Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lara Bingle In Bec & Bridge.

Lara Bingle wearing the Bianca fedora by Bec & Bridge for an OK magazine shoot.

If you didn't want the stunning fedora enough before now, 
I'm sure you've almost bought one in every colour after laying your eyes on this!
She looks insane as always. Trust her to pull it off so effortlessly.

I think the violet one will be ah-mazing on her.

Source: bec&bridgeblog.


just L said...

she's extremely gorgeous! OMG

Sarah said...

Maybe I do want one now? It's unfair that she looks so amazing, she has some kind of killer hat wearing genes!! x

Choiii said...

She is stunning!

YOANNE B said...

i like your eye, trées jolie merci

il était une fois... said...

want. need. must-have. this hat!!! xxB