Monday, July 18, 2011

The Row Handbag Launch.

Mary Kate and Ashley launched their new handbag collection for The Row at Barney's, New York.
The collection is made up of nine designs including a day tote, backpack, doctor bag 
and classic shoulder bag all made from luxe materials like python and alligator.
$39,000 crocodile backpack though? I think I may be able to stay away from that one.

I don't think there's anything that these girls can't do!

Ashley and Mary Kate both look incredible, however MK looks exceptionally gorgeous 
in that blue blazer, with her long wavy locks, tanned skin and her arm full of jewels.

Source: vogue + billyfarrellagency


DailyGlamour said...

they are perfectly beautiful !
love that

audrey marie said...

i love BOTH of these outfits - the blue blazer is beautiful but so is that dress on ashley

Unfinished Impressions said...

you are right, MK looks stunning in these pictures, i love how her tan looks with the blue blazer..

k. said...

I love their new bags!!!

Aldina said...

Both of these girls know how to dress with style! I agree, the blue blazer is so chic...however it is always hard to tell who is Ashley and who is MK :) They are both so alike and beautiful.

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Avenue Mode said...

I love them. They Are my icons of fashion. This bag is just awsome!

July said...

Ashleys dress is wonderful!!!! LIKELIKELIKE!!!

alannah. said...

girl i am loving your blog. ive just spent a good 20mins scrolling through your pages! how have i not found it sooner? totally bloglovin it!x