Saturday, July 30, 2011

Which Would You Choose?

If you could be wearing any one of these outfits right now, which would you choose?
With much deliberation, I shotgun the third look!
I love Elin's relaxed monochrome look, but the last one is just so perfectly chic.

Source: labode.


YOANNE B said...

i love yours look like working girl chic .
you i love it

Kaitlyn said...

Ah, damn! I'd take the last one tooo, I am a huge fan of high-necked, leggy looks. But I'll take Elin's look if I must ;) Oh, and are you on Twitter girly? I've just joined and so am looking for my peeps on there. My username is @kaity_modern x

Diamonddigger said...

i think i would choose the second look if i was taller ;-) and i love the shoes from the third look - they are fab x

Kiah Cole said...

The middle look!! :)

LUCY MAY said...

MIDDLE!! ! ! ! !!!!!! AMAZING!!!


k. said...

First look on the left.
It's so perfect.

lula said...

Can I choose all of the looks? ;>
I think I would choose the last one as well!

Anonymous said...

the first one because of the leather jacket in her hand lovvvveeeeeee it