Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lauren Conrad's New Mermaid Hair.

This is Lauren Conrad's new multi-coloured hair.
She had a poll on her website The Beauty Department where you could help her make the decision.
The majority of voters clicked 'yes' and this is the final result.

I want mermaid hair every second of the day, so I'm loving it so, so much.
Now just to spot her out and about looking insanely gorgeous with her cascading wavy mermaid do!

Ps. The Beauty Department is such a great website for tips and inspiration on hair and make up.
There are a tonne of helpful tutorials that Lauren and her team have put together, so check it out.

Source: thebeautydepartment.


lula said...

Ohh, so cute! hmm now i wonder how mermaid hair would work in my brown hairs..:>

Sarah said...

Um HI THERE! Incredibly jealous, reminds me of the good old fudge hair days. x Sarah

LUCY MAY said...

Lauren Conrad I love you!
I think its great how she took it that extra mile by putting bright pink and blue in it as well as the blond! Genius!


frances said...

wowww it looks so pretty!