Saturday, July 23, 2011

Style Nanda Obsession.

Style Nanda has been my favourite website to stalk lately.
It's always full of items that I want to buy.
Everything just looks like it fits so perfectly on these girls.

Looking at these makes me really excited for Spring.

Source: stylenanda.


just L said...

sssupeer cutee this girl

Aldina said...

Amazing style, I love the shoes/high heels...all of them.

Circle of Design Fashion Illustration

Stylus Muse said...

Great post! I've never heard of this site before but they have some great stuff!

Now following you via Blogger! Keep up the great work with your blog:)


Nicole said...

Wow! Love her style


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love that store too! Everything the girls are wearing, I want to buy them! They have amazing hair too, did you notice? lol..yeah, I love the way those boys danced in the video! It was so cute :-) xoxoxoo

Jessie said...

Oh thanks for the intro! I love cheap treats.

Marissa Joy said...

Wow! She has such great style! Very simple, but so chic. Thanks for your comment-following you now!

follow me back!

Melina said...

Thank you :*
I´m in love with your inspirational pictures!
Great blog!

Alicia said...

So many great outfits, ❤ it! Thanks for sharing & have a lovely weekend!