Friday, November 4, 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Live Finale Show.

Australia's Next Top Model Finale | Sydney Opera House

1. Montana after being announced the winner
2. The Top 16 girls opening the show wearing Ellery
3. The final three all wearing Ellery aswell
4 + 5. Simone in Carla Zampatti, Montana in Bianca Spender + Liz in Josh Goot
6 + 7. Final two: Liz wearing Ellery + Montana wearing Pheonix Keating
8 + 9. Final two waiting for the winner to be announced
10. Montana's instant reaction to hearing her name
11. Montana being congratulated and seeing her Harper's Bazaar cover for the first time
12. Montana's 'thank you' speech
13 + 14 + 15. Celebrations with the girls + judges
16. Mentor - Josh Flinn, Montana, Judges - Charlotte Dawson + Alex Perry 
17. The host Sarah Murdoch with Australia's Next Top Model, Montana.

So the entire finale show this year may have been an incredible disappointment - no idea why any of the girls got to speak, 
why there was hardly any interaction with the jugdes, their mentor or their parents like other years, 
why everything seemed to be rushed and why the ending was a total anti-climax
But the main thing is that industry favourite, Montana, came out as the winner and we can all now watch her career blossom.

Montana's final look in Bianca Spender and those killer heels is perfection.
Seeing a whole bunch of Ellery in the opening had my heart in a flutter.
These girls are the most incredible top three ever.

PS. So sorry for the lack of quality on some of the images. It's impossibly hard to find HQ images of the show online, so I've had to print-screen some.
PPS. And also, apologies to those readers overseas that have no idea what I'm on about. Ahah.

Source: omgnews + dailytelegraph + popsugar

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