Friday, November 25, 2011

Lucy Williams | Style Icon.

Lucy Williams.

I always look at her and wonder if she knows how incredibly stylish she is.
She's got to, right?

I'm still completely hooked on the last two looks - They're not so simple to get over.
Although, I really like the mix of pieces in the first look.

PS. Thank you to Miss B and Bianca for informing me that she no longer works at Instyle UK.
I must have been hiding under a rock. Looks like I'll have to pay extra careful attention to her fashion blog instead.

Source: google images.


MissB said...

She's not Fashion Director at InStyle UK, in fact she doesn't even work there anymore. Check her blog to find out what she's up to.

Rich Girls. said...

okay, wow. i had no idea that she had left instyle. she's kind of hard to keep tabs on seeing as there's not too much info on her around. i follow her blog already, but thanks. x.

kate and the cake said...

she is super cute! i really like her style, i would put everything in a minute, just with a jeans! LOL


Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

i love the last look! x

Sunters said...

I love her style


Rea said...

she's beyond! love her style!!!

il ├ętait une fois... said...

just noticed the first comment and was gonna say the same too. also think she was just some sort of assistant at instyle... she contributes to now too. LOVE her and impeccable style! X

Sunniva said...

Her style is amazing! I am in love with all of her outfits, and I visit her blog so often in hope of more wonderful outfits. And she looks a lot like Sienna Miller, don't you think? I hadn't seen the first photo, so thanks for posting, sweetie xo