Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lauren Conrad In My Go-To-Outfit.

Lauren Conrad at the launch of 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' (whatever that is) in L.A.

Following on from the post below, Lauren's combo above is basically my every day go-to outfit.
Although the whole neutral-on-neutral on the top half is more my thing.
And probably I'd probably scrap the leather pants for dark denim...
But, same-same, right?

PS. I've been practicing so hard to get my hair looking like hers lately, that I think it's finally rubbing off.
PPS. She's recently been linked to Chace Crawford. Now wouldn't that be the cutest match-up!

Source: superiorpics.


Grace said...

Beautiful go- to outfit! Perfectly classic! And oh god my bf has been talking about Skyrim for days!

Grace x
i'd rather buy shoes...

caits said...

my friend has been dying for skyrim. he has been counting down for i kid you not months - now he has it he has semi vanished off the face of the earth. the 'x box' effect.

back to lauren she looks so cute, such a babe + killer outfit. i thought she got married though? maybe im wrong?

kate and the cake said...

sorry for not writing befor, here are the vogue paris look alike shoot:

great day! much love:)

hannah said...

LOVE her hair! what a gorgeous girl.

your chanel is definitely on it's way. : )



S.P. said...

I love this look and the colours compliment each other so well.
Strut Mode

laura_fash said...

Lauren Conrad style looks so easy yet is so difficult to make it look good at the same time!

Joelyne TheSydneyGirl said...

oh my gosh - her and chace crawford? I'm SO JEALOUS. he's SOOOO hot.

And I need more blazers, so it can be my every day go to outfit too! :P

XXX The Sydney Girl

Her Persona said...

adore her outfit

Anonymous said...

You would think w/ all her money she could rock something a little more edgy than that

Melissa said...

Lauren has great style.
But the thing I envy most about her is her hair! I'd kill to get waves like that.

Mel x

Plami said...

She always looks gorgeous!


Lula said...

Perfect outfit <3

Anonymous said...

chic and natural girl!

Anonymous said...

This outfit is so simple but so lovely....!