Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sportsgirl's 'Believe'.

SPORTSGIRL have put together a little creative project which involves teaming up with bloggers 
to help realise that it's okay to 'believe' in make believe 
and to encourage us to let our personal dreams explode inside us all.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined"
- Henry David Thoreau

Thanks so much to Kaitlyn from Modern Legacy for tagging me in this!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
A fashion designer. And mermaid.
I guess I've always been creative. I always loved drawing, it was my go-to thing.
When I was in primary school my older sister had this high school project that I thought was pretty cool,
which involved designing a few clothing items for a cardboard cut-out doll. After that, I had to do my own.
That was the moment when I realised that I had some kind of direction.
Although, I did always picture myself in a desk job, just so I could decorate my own personal space.

Did you make this dream come true or did you change your mind?
My dreams and career goals are ever-changing. 
When I think of some of my favourite Australian labels like Zimmermann, Bec & Bridge and Ellery,
I'm still quite fond of the dream of becoming a fashion designer, but I think that ship has sailed. 
Now I'd kill to work at a fashion magazine, a fashion house or in PR.
I still have a clear image of what my desk space would look like though.
(Think 'Who What Wear' offices).

What is your fave childhood memory?
Probably my family trip to England and Ireland when I was 7. 
My dad's Irish and it was my first overseas trip to visit his side of the family and to live there for a couple of months.
I just remember having the most incredible time -
playing in the snow, spending time with my grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins,
seeing a cow be born for the first time - getting to name it and call it 'mine', hunting for chicken eggs, just living the farm life.

The biggest dream you have right now?
To live in Stockholm and New York until I'm extremely homesick.
Definately to explore myself creatively and to find a job in the fashion world that I can fall madly in love with. 
Ideally, to live a busy fashion-filled life like Elin Kling - 
combining blogging, magazine editing, styling and traveling the world, would be a dream come true.

Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?
The Swing Dress - I just wish it was made in many more colours.
The Josie Mid Wedge and Arrow Sunglasses.

The three blogger lovelies I choose to tag are:

Caitlyn from HundredsorThousands, Kiran from Le Lust List
& Sharday from Shardette



de luxe gypsy said...

Hope you get to live your dream! This is a great concept by Sportsgirl, so inspiring. Following you, would love if you followed back.xx

blushfully said...

I, too, wanted to be a fashion designer among other things such as pianist and swimmer haha...

Just discovered your blog via the Sportsgirl tag :)

Lula said...

This was really nice, A change to get to know you a little bit better :>

Michelle's Style File said...

Lovely to hear a bit more about you!


il était une fois... said...

gorgeous doll!! i want your dream too ;) maybe we can go and be homesick together hehe!XX

shardette.. said...

I love that you wanted to be a mermaid!
I already did the quiz! Social Emissions tagged me a few days ago but thanks for the love

xxx Shardette