Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ellery Heaven.

Ellery Resort '11 | The Second Marraige

I could not be any more in love with this collection and the latest campaign.

Photographer: Darren McDonald
Featuring: Dutch supermodel, Kim Noorda
Creative Director: The incredible Kym Ellery
Location: Paris, France

Source: elleryland, oyster mg + fashion gone rogue.


Lindy Maddox said...

SO gorgeous! I love the second leather shirt, it looks like it would fit perfectly!

kate and the cake said...

i think thr title is great and really fits the shoots.

hannah said...

this is so unreal. the hair is just....gahhhhhhh obsessed.



.sabo skirt. said...

Gorgeous photos!

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noura. said...

this is fantastic!

Anne said...

geez, dutchie kim looks amazing! and those jackets... this collection makes me so greedy! xx

orly lauren said...

I was looking for pics for my project and I accidentally got into your blog,and it's AMAZING!!! I'm a fashion design student,and your blog is such an amazing source of inspiration for me! Thank u <3

Lula said...

Totally heaven <3

Sunniva said...

Hi sweetie <3 Thanks soooo much for your warm and lovely comments. I finished one exam today, so only two more to go. So the rest of the day, I'm going to treat myself to some massive computer time haha!

I just discovered Ellery maybe a year ago, but I fell in love instantly. I don't think I've seen a piece yet that I don't love. This is such a good campaign! Can't stop staring at the 1st and 4th photo. Kim Noorda is perfect for these designs.

I hope everything is good with you, my lovely! And I can't wait to receive your e-mail. Very exciting! Take care, and talk soon xoxo

caits said...

ok this is amazing. ellery always gets it right. i think i need to win the lottery..