Friday, May 4, 2012

Alice McCall | MBFWA.

Babushka beauties walked the runway at MBFWA for Alice McCall's latest collection.
Models were transformed into a sweet modern-day version of these Russian dolls, 
with two plaits twisted on top of their heads, silver sequins under their eyes to give the glittering effect under the lights 
on the runway, rosy pink cheeks and rouge lipstick in the centre of the lip for that perfect doll-like look.

The silhouettes and the prints are just mind blowing.
I love the sheer over and underlays, the bright colours in the floral print, the mix of pastels, the cuts of the tops 
and dresses and how the entire theme is executed to perfection.

Alice is always a favourite.

Source: Yimmy Yayo - Oyster Mag.

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