Friday, May 4, 2012

Bec & Bridge | MBFWA.

Mediterranean poolside beauties glided down the catwalk at Bec & Bridge's show at MBFWA.
"We're on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Models have just emerged from the water and are lounging by the pool, absorbing the afternoon sun. 
They're running their hands through their hair, letting it dry really beautifully and naturally".

Crisp white seperates, sexy fitted dresses, diaphanous scarf-print shirting, pretty broiderie anglaise,
peek-a-boo sheer panels, graphic florals lining the seem of sheer skirts and thigh-high splits, and of course the peplum, adorned the runway.

I'm kind of over seeing everyone copying Givenchy and Celine with the scarf-print and floral print pants, 
but then at the same time I'm super intrigued to see their own creative interpretation.
I think Bec & Bridge have really made it their own.

My name is all over that white knitted peplum top WHOLE HEARTEDLY.
I think it's time to pack my suitcase and go on a resort vacation.

Source:, primped, fabsugar.


Rea said...

WOW fell in love with the maxi chiffon dress on the 6th pic!!!

Danni said...

wow this is the second show on your blog where the designer has COMPLETELY ripped off other designers prints. First trs are complete Wang copies.