Friday, May 4, 2012



I was completely blown away by Kym Ellery's latest collection once again.

Kym wanted her latest collection to be a little more grown-up than sexy. 
Fresh-faced models walked the runway with cute little bear ears in ode to the memory 
of regretfully giving away her beloved teddy bear at the age of 18.
The structure and silhouettes were out of this world and so true to her design aesthetic. 
Sharp, high shoulders, high necklines, artful draping, short cuts, figure hugging fits and colours 
of shimmering silver, deep cherry red and moss green were also seen.

To me, Kym will always be the queen of the peplum.

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alannah. said...

i think ellery would have to be one of my stand outs in australian fashion atm. what i would do to be at one of her fashion shows!!!x