Saturday, October 8, 2011

Anna Dello Russo.

Anna Dello Russo | Outside of the Balmain show.

She makes me anticipate seeing what she's going to wear every fashion week, 
because let's face it, her quirky, fashion-extravagant choices are highly entertaining 
and ADR hardly ever disappoints.

You could say that this is one of her more demure outfits.
While still adorned in gold embellishment, playing up the dress with a statement accessory in the belt, 
she also sticks to showing off a whole lotta leg, like Anna does best!

I love this. I think she looks fabulously classy. And it's a great change from seeing her wrapped in feathers.

Source: tfs.


Life's a shoe said...

i love ADR!!!

il était une fois... said...

damnn she looks insane!! god to think she's almost 50 too! bah-na-nas!
ps. you're too kind hun thanks for your gorg comment! my skin is by no means flawless ill give you the hot tip hehe. it def has its awful moments. ;) xxx

Rea said...

I absolutely ADORE her! I her spottet outside the isabelle marant show, shoot her and she was poses for me and my friend. incredible!