Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kanye West Spring 2012 Collection.

Kanye West debuted his first ever collection at Paris Fashion Week.
It wasn't exactly the wow factor I was after, coming from a collaboration between Kanye and our Harper's Bazaar fashion editor, Christine Centenera, 
but a few pieces were absolute standouts and I was able to pick a few fave looks from the show.

Loved: The models effortless hair and make-up, white-on-white, the peach and blue elements, the grungy all-black looks with the fur wraps. 
Disliked: Those white pom-pom-like heels entirely and how some of the pieces seemed ill-fitted and unfinished. 

I kind of love the first look the more I look at it.
And I love how Kanye's accessorised his plain white tee and Balmain jeans with a little bit of arm candy.



Kate Junior said...

Not too shabby Kanye! My favourites are the first two looks!

Sunniva said...

I really can't decide what I think of this collection. In general, I am not too keen on celebrities starting their own clothing lines. However, there are few interesting looks and pieces here, such as the layering and the white-on-white. And actually the more I look at it, the more I love the top-half of what Anja Rubik is wearing. LOVING Kanye's outfit.

PS. Sweetie, you're welcome! You have such great taste, and it shows in everything you do here on the blog, and in your "Mylookbook" feature:) That's why I keep on coming back, and because you're so wonderful!

PPS. Oooh, Melbourne is on my list of places to visit! Mind you, I have a very (very!) long list of places to visit :p But fingers crossed that I'll one day be on your side of the planet. This is what I love about "the blogosphere": that one can find amazing people, such as you, from all over the world and speak together as if we lived in the same town etc. I am loving all of your traveling plans! You should definitely go through with them. And if you travel to England and Ireland you're not all that far from Sweden, so you could just pop over for a visit;) I am half Irish so I often travel to Ireland and England, and I love it so much there. I am actually thinking of studying in London next year, so I'm quite excited about that! Oh, I love exchanging these words with you too:) You are such sweetheart, and I'm always so happy when I see that there's a comment from you waiting:) Have an amazing week, lovely xoxoxo

PPPS. I feel like such a dork in front of the camera too, so I haven't dared to do outfit-posts either haha. But it seems like you have such great style so I don't think you've got anything to lose if you post them occasionally:)) Lots of hugs! xo

caits said...

i love yeezy!

D said...

I agree I like the layering white on white but most dont look very flattering and wouldnt look good on anyone but a model. I love the strappy and slipper looking heels. Lol