Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Week Ten.

This week's shoot on Australia's Next Top Model was one of my favourites.
The final four girls were glammed up in couture and sent sky high over the Sydney harbour.

I fell in love with Montana's entire outfit - her headpiece was insane.
And then later at panel, I fell in love with her shot.

I've listed them in order of my favourites...

1. Montana
2. Simone
3. Liz
4. Rachel

Yay, for Montana, Simone and Liz finale.
My vote is still with Monty!

Source: facebook - australia's next top model


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Rea said...

wow adorable pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Same favourite shoot ever photos look soo cool!

Paula said...

Love the post, my favourite pic is the first one!



Anonymous said...

Im for Montana aswell and I'd be happy with Liz! They are both amazingly stunning. Not a fan of Simone though sorry!