Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Australia's Next Top Model Week Nine.

This week on Australia's Next Top Model, the girls focused on body confidence.
They competed in a mixed martial arts challenge which saw Liz and Izzy being picked to feature in Short Stacks newest video clip, 'Bang Bang Sexy'.
The girls then took part in their first lingerie shoot mentored by Australian model, Alexandra Agoston.
Montana took out the photo of the week with a flawless shot.

1. Montana  
2. Simone   
3. Liz  
4. Izzy  
5. Rachel  
6. Hazel

We said goodbye to Izzy and Hazel this week, whose shots were least impressive to the judges. 
And then there were four...

I'm so thrilled to see that my three faves from the beginning, Montana, Simone and Liz are in the top four.
Hopefully Rachel leaves next week and they take top three spot, in what I'm anticipating to be their Harper's Bazaar cover shoot. Just maybe?

Source: facebook/australia's next top model

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Sophia said...

I know right?! I wish that my body looked as bangin'. Word through the grapevine is that they are the top 3! But I am hoping Montana takes out the crown ... Sophia xx (moulinfrock.blogspot.com)