Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lucy Williams.

Lucy Williams | Fashion Assistant at Instyle UK.

I seriously love anything she puts on. She knows exactly how to dress to flatter herself completely.
There's nothing I could fault. I adore every single aspect of this.

Ps. I want her job.

Source: stockholm street style + they all hate us.


Michelle's Style File said...

Amazing boots!


Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? its ellie from fashion-dominates.blogspot.com. i have been neglecting my blog recently but going to upload more. Hows rich girls going? any news? Hope you are well. xxx

ThePrevailingEffect said...

super cute!!!

xoxo ;)

nicole said...

I've been trying to figure out who she was, I loved her street style shots from LFW. Thank you for finally introducing me to her!


caits said...

what a killer outfittt. she is banging.
and yay i am finally back! not having a laptop is super inconvenient


il ├ętait une fois... said...

she's phenom! loves her style too! SO need that zara shirt too ;) x


.sabo skirt. said...

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Antonia said...

She is really stylish! I adore this outfit you chose! :))



hannah said...

love this look! those boots are killer.



Bang and Buck said...

yeah she does!


Bang & Buck

Sunniva said...

I absolutely love Lucy Williams, and she has such great style! Did you see the photos Vanessa Jackman snapped of her a while ago? They were amazing too.

PS. I think we have to be fashion twins too! Because I absolutely LOVE everything you post. We could imagine ourselves like Mary-Kate and Ashley. Now that would be something haha. But it's so fun to find someone who shares the same taste as you, and in a way which broadens your taste too, if you understand what I mean. I know I've said it before, but every time I visit your blog I often discover new things which I love. It's like an extended part of myself which I didn't know existed until the discovery. You're the best!
PSS. Yesss, keep on dreaming about your many travels! I bet one day you'll travel the world as a super talented fashion editor;)

Have a lovely day, sweetie xoxo!

shardette.. said...

I want her hat & job!

xx Shardette


Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

simple but original, she has style!