Saturday, October 1, 2011

Versace S/S 2012 Milan Fashion Week.

I'm a little slow on the MFW train, but Versace blew my mind.

For someone who dreamed about becoming a mermaid, the latest collection is close to a dream come true.
I'm yet to see the footage, but it seems like an magically intimate show, with the mood being set by an luminescent glow,
like a light from a swimming pool, which lit up the Via Gesu show space.
And out of that glow walked mythical-like Versace goddesses adorned in seashells and sea crustaceans; seahorse and starfish.

I'm such a dork... I sat there clicking through the pics picturing which celeb or model I would put in which dress 
if I were their stylist and the responsibility was all mine.
Bless you Donatella!

PS. Lindsay Wixon came crashing down, not once, but twice, in this show - the poor girl.
PPS. I adore how you let me know which model is which. Makes google imaging them so much easier!


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YOANNE B said...

lovely collection.