Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Josh Goot In Store Event At Green With Envy.

Josh Goot and his designs at the Green With Envy, Chapel St, in store event.

He always pulls out an entire collection of show-stoppers.
He's the king of bright colours and galaxy prints.

Ps. I'm secretly dying over the artwork hanging inside the Chapel St store.

Source: facebook - green with envy


Elegantly Wasted said...

The live models look amazing! Such a quirky and innovative idea. He really knows how to push the boundaries. By far one of my favourite Australian designers to date.


Flara said...

amazing dresses! xoxo

Anonymous said...

the artwork is by australian artist dale frank. loveeeeeee his works too which are floor to ceiling -massive!! wish to swim in it! think its around $23,000. :(

Rich Girls. said...

wow, that's some pricey artwork. but it's so incredible.
i must check out the rest of his work. thanks so much for filling me in! x.